5 Best AI Content Writing Tools To Use In 2023

When it comes to content writing, it’s an art and requires lots of expertise. It also requires a lot of time, energy, and creativity. And for most people, this is not their core skill set. That’s why content writing tools have become popular over the last few years. But with so many content writing tools on the market today, how do you know which one to choose?

The world of content marketing is changing rapidly. There are many ways to create the right kind of content for your audience, and it’s important that you choose the best tools for the job. The core aim to write this blog is to tell you about the best AI content writing tools that you must use in 2023.

By the end, you will be able to know about the importance of an AI-based writing tool. You should consider this article and read it carefully to understand the basics of this dimension and learn how to write with a specific AI writer software.

Why AI Tools Are Getting Popular?

Content is written to inform and entertain consumers, with the ultimate goal of selling products. However, with the introduction of AI content writing tools that can generate articles at a faster pace than humans with less error, this will be a major threat to content creators.

The best advice for anyone who wants to make money by creating content is to use an AI content writing tool. This way, as AI becomes more advanced, you will have no problem adapting your strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

It will let you meet deadlines by writing articles quickly within a short time. Along with this, you only have to do proofreading before publishing your article. By using this type of tool, you will be able to overcome issues from your content as well as extract all the grammar mistakes from your writings.

In turn, you will be able to engage your audience with your writings and encourage them to recommend your platform. So, you can say that AI content writing tools will be a good opportunity for experienced as well as beginner writers to do their tasks quickly.

5 Best AI Content Writing Tools

With the rapid growth in artificial intelligence and its concerned tools, it has become hard to find a fine tool for your work. Similarly, you have to do a lot of work when you are looking for the best AI writing assistant.

When you search on the internet, you will get hundreds of choices available there. It would not be possible for you to check all those available best AI copywriting tools and find the premium one. So, we have done this research for you and enlisted the top 5 best AI content writing tools here in this blog.

Jasper.ai (Former Name Jarvis)

When it comes to finding the best AI content writing tool for all types of writing, you will not find any tool better than Jasper. Mostly, AI tools are good for a specific type of writing and you will find them useless beyond their dimensions.

Jasper is the best tool for all types of writings instead of a specific one. It is an AI-based content writing tool with which you can create product descriptions, blogs, social media posts, and much more. This best AI writing software is used by all businesses around the globe without discrimination of size.

Jasper AI

It has been designed with such a fine algorithm that it will create high-quality and human-readable writing. So, you can say that this tool will not generate content including machine language or wordings. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to use Jasper if you are suffering from low-quality content or don’t have core skills of writing.


In the past, the prices of this AI-based writing tool were higher than the expectations of the users. Due to this, it was hard for a beginner to subscribe to its plans and write error-free content. Recently, the company has made changes in its pricing plans and made them affordable for everyone.

Now, you can get any of its plans using your credit card under the following prices.

  • $29/month Starter Plan Subscription
  • $99/month Boss Mode Subscription

Jasper Price

You can choose any of the above plans by browsing the official website of Jasper and start writing without facing any issues. The major difference between its modes is the word count or word limit that you may have to face while using it for the whole month.

Why Jasper?

When you have too many choices available online, the first and most important question is why this tool. Here we have enlisted a few points to consider when this question pops up in your mind.

  • Most advanced AI writing tool
  • Create content in a human-friendly language
  • Comprehensive tool to work in any type of writing
  • Always create unique and creative content
  • Boost up your writing speed
  • Higher positive rating on different platforms


In the second position, we have ranked Copymatic as the best choice for writers who don’t trust AI writing tools. It is a common myth that we don’t trust tools while looking to deal with the most important part of our work.

In such a case, you can consider the Copymatic because it is not only a comprehensive tool but an effective one. This tool will enable you to deal with all types of writing from blog posts to reviews, copywriting to social descriptions, and others.

The designers have launched this tool with a complete set of writing types that make it simple for you to write as many articles as you want. Along with this, you will be able to fulfill the requirements of SEO in your writings.

Copymatic AI

When you are creating a blog or any other type of writing, you will be able to get an overview in the form of an SEO score. According to officials, they are going to add more than 10 tools to this main tool including a plagiarism checker, keyword finder, and others.

So, you can say that it will not only let you draft a blog post but also enable you to make sure that you are writing 100% unique and SEO-optimized content. The only reason why we have ranked this tool in the second position is manual interference.

You have to follow a few steps while looking to write a blog post with this tool. Due to this, you may have to invest a little more time as compared to Jasper because you don’t have to do this in that tool.


When we compare this AI-based writing tool based on price, you will find a prominent difference. This tool has much affordable plans to offer as compared to all tools available on our list. You can choose any of the following plans by clicking on the pay or subscribe button given just below.

  • Basic Plan: $29/month with limited word count
  • Pro Plan: $49/month with unlimited word count

Copymatic Pricing

You can also join this platform just to try this best AI writing software. By signing up for free, you will be able to get 10 credits that you can use to write your concerned content type and analyze whether the tool is good for you or not. We recommend you grab this opportunity if you are not finding it hard to put a little time into creating content.

Why Copymatic?

  • Affordable packages
  • Manual customization in the content
  • Multiple tools availability (Coming Soon)
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Fast processing
  • Multiple content copies to choose from


Whenever you are searching for the best content writing AI tools, you will find two main categories depending on the generated content length. Rytr is one of those tools that are ranked in the top position when it comes to generating short content types.

You can say that it is an extended version of Jasper but only for the short content type. The reason is that you may have to face a word count limit to be created in a specific time with this tool. In simple words, you can’t use this tool to generate 4k-5k words of a blog post in a short time.


It will restrict you from doing this by showing notifications that will be frustrating. Due to this, it is only considered the best AI writing tool when it comes to getting a copy of short content type. You can get high-quality and human-like writings while you are looking to get product descriptions, video descriptions, and other short-form content for your project.

This is the only reason why we have ranked it in the third position instead of the top 2 even when it is generating high-quality content. You can use this tool as a writing assistant because it is labeled as the best AI writing assistant software on multiple reviews platforms by the users.


If we say that Rytr has the cheapest plans to offer, it must be right because there is no tool offering such services. You will find this tool pretty affordable with a prominent word count as compared to other tools. Here is the detail of all of its pricing plans from which you can choose anyone.

  • Free Plan: Enable you to create 5000 characters per month only
  • Saver Plan: $9/month with 50k word count
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month with unlimited content creation feature


For testing purposes, you can access this tool’s trial version and start writing with it. If we say that it is a free AI script writer, it might be right because the script is a form of short-type content.

Why Rytr?

  • Cheapest Price as compared to others
  • Produces great type of content
  • Enable you to create several descriptions in a month
  • Positive user feedback on different reviews platforms


Normally, when you are writing with the best AI writing software, you must have seen that it creates ordinary writing. It is common to find a few sentences or words that do not make any sense but just fill out the space.

The hypotenuse is not such a type of AI-based writing tool but it creates high-quality content. By using this tool, you can create any type of blog post or website content without considering the word count. It will write your content in such a fine manner that you will feel like the author is speaking the blog loudly in front of you.

So, you can say that it will create high-quality content that is not only liked by you but also by your readers. The tool does not just write the content by understanding your topic but it will do research from social media, blogs, and other sites to get an in-depth overview.

Hypotenuse AI

In short, you can say that the content will not only be AI-generated by also full of analyses that have been done in the backend. So, we will highly recommend this AI content writing tool to be used for multiple writing types.

The only reason to rank it in the 4th position is its paid subscriptions only. You can neither get its trial version nor use it for free. Here we are going to show you the pricing plans of this best AI writing tool available on the internet.


You can browse and subscribe to any of its plans just by looking at the following plan’s details.

  • Starter: $29/month gives you 75 credits with 20 blogs
  • Growth:$59/month gives you 500 credits with unlimited blog posts

Pricing Hypotenuse

So, you can subscribe to any of its paid plans as per your requirements for the work. This tool will enable you to write faster without harming the actual intentions of the content.

Why Hypotenuse?

  • Human-friendly content writing services
  • Creates fluent copy
  • 200% uniqueness guaranteed
  • Generate any type of content


If you are not using any heavy-duty device, you need to find an AI content writing tool with a lightweight feature. This is where your research is going to end because PepperType is the best choice in this regard.

This tool has become one of the most demanding tools around the globe when it comes to writing engaging content for any business project. It has been assembled with various business modules that enable it the perfect choice for copywriting.

Along with this, the tool has assisted beginners in the field with built-in or pre-paid templates. Sometimes, you may not be able to insert your outline or enable to research a fine template for your article.

PepperType AI

This is where you will find PepperType one of the best choices with its 100s of templates. By clicking on a template, you can choose anyone and use the tool to generate content. It can create content for all types of writing including blog posts, copywriting, description writing, and review writing.

The only reason for ranking it in the last position is its higher price plans. Here we are going to show you plans from which you have to choose anyone as per your requirements.


  • Starter Plan: $35/month (Can be used by only one person)
  • Growth Plan: $199/month (Can be used by a team of 5 writers)

PepperType AI

Why PepperType?

  • Generate original content with a single click
  • Multiple templates availability
  • Various business modules integration
  • Enable to generate a huge word count

Final Wrapping

In the above sections, we have wrapped out the list of hundreds of AI content writing tools to only 5 tools. We have done a lot of research and tested multiple tools to find these tools. You should use any of them and make your writing tasks quick and efficient.


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