The Best Dumpor Alternatives in 2023

Today, social media platforms have become an essential part of our lives. They connect us with our friends, family, and the world. In particular, Instagram has become very popular.

There are millions of users sharing captivating stories and engaging content every day on it. Instagram offers a wide range of features, but some users think that they are limited, because there is no feature for downloading content.

Here, Dumpor helps users to download Instagram stories. But it doesn’t provide a variety of tools and shows many annoying pop-up ads. So, you can use Dumpor alternatives. They allow users to download Instagram stories, profiles, and even browse through another user’s content effortlessly.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best Dumpor alternatives in 2023. They enable you to make your Instagram experience better. Whether you’re a professional content creator, a social media marketer, or a simple Instagram user, these alternatives will enhance your user experience.

10 of the Best Dumpor Alternatives


InstaDP is one of the attractive Dumpor alternatives in 2023. It is a site that is dedicated to provide its users with a smooth and user-friendly experience. It provides all this at no cost. InstaDP is famous for its simplicity. It allows users to search for usernames and explore various Instagram content and maintains complete anonymity. This means you can browse tagged posts, Instagram stories, and more content without showing your personal identity.


One of the notable features of InstaDP is its ability to save Instagram stories directly to your device. It offers a convenient way to store and enjoy your favourite content. With InstaDP, you can unlock a range of powerful tools and functionalities without any effort. This makes it an excellent Dumpor alternative for downloading and exploring Instagram content.

Story Saver

Story Saver is another worthy Dumpor alternative. It is a reliable tool specifically designed to help users to download Instagram stories by making them anonymous. As the name suggests, Story Saver focuses on providing an ideal experience for downloading Instagram stories without any issues.

One of the key advantages of this alternative is its user-friendly interface. This makes it very easy to use and navigate. The best part of Story Saver is that it is entirely free to use.

You don’t need any account sign-ups or subscriptions. Simply enter the Instagram account username you’re interested in, select the download option, and you’ll have access to all the captivating stories shared by that user.

Story Saver

It’s important to note that Story Saver primarily focuses on downloading stories, so you won’t be able to save Instagram posts using this tool. However, if you’re specifically looking to download stories and want a simple and free solution, Story Saver is an excellent Dumpor alternative to consider in 2023.


For a fast and user-friendly Dumpor alternative, nothing better than InstaStories. This tool is different because of its quick loading times and clean interface. This ensures an uninterrupted user experience. It focuses on user convenience and anonymity which makes it different from others.

With InstaStories, you can enjoy the benefits of their service without the sign up for an account. It provides you a hassle-free experience. The tool also provides a comprehensive FAQ section, which can be a lot of helpful if you need guidance on downloading Instagram stories without the visibility of your ID.


Additionally, InstaStories offers valuable insights about the targeted profile, such as the number of posts and followers they have and gives you a more comprehensive view of their Instagram profile. If you’re searching a Dumpor alternative that has a combination of speed, ease of use, anonymity, and access to profile information, InstaStories is a fantastic choice.

Insta Stalker

If you’re looking for a Dumpor alternative that allows you to easily access the Instagram content you desire, Insta Stalker is an excellent option for you. With Insta Stalker, you can explore the latest posts from Instagram profiles and view the content you’re interested in.

This free tool offers a convenient way to access Instagram content directly from your phone, ensuring a flawless browsing experience.

Insta Stalker

One of the prominent features of Insta Stalker is its ability to download Instagram stories directly in your device. It provides an easy way to save and enjoy your favourite content.

While Insta Stalker is free to use, they also offer a premium version with additional features. This is for those who are looking to enhance their experience.

Whether you choose the free version or use a premium account, Insta Stalker remains a convenient and reliable Dumpor alternative that enables you to access and download Instagram stories with ease.


If you’re in search of a highly popular Dumpor alternative, SnapInsta is an excellent choice for you. It allows you to download Instagram videos, photos, and stories anonymously. It offers a convenient solution for downloading various types of Instagram content and provides a seamless experience.

All you need to do is to paste the URL of the Instagram story you wish to download, and SnapInsta will download and save it directly in your phone’s gallery.

Although you won’t have the ability to search for specific Instagram profiles using SnapInsta, but you have the unlimited access to download any content that you like.


This feature makes SnapInsta a valuable tool for those who prioritize to download a wide range of Instagram content. With its popularity and user-friendly features, SnapInsta has become an effective Dumpor alternative for unlimited downloading of Instagram stories, photos, and videos.


StoriesIG is one of the reliable, quick and efficient Dumpor alternatives. It has graceful design and well-organized interface. It offers users a smooth experience for downloading Instagram stories and much more. While Dumpor primarily focuses on downloading stories, StoriesIG goes a step further by allowing users to access other Instagram content.

This means you can explore and download a wider range of Instagram content. Also, your identity will remain invisible during all this activity. StoriesIG’s commitment to user convenience and originality makes it a great choice for those who are looking to download Instagram stories and reels without any difficulties.

If you’re seeking a tool that goes beyond just story downloads and provides additional features in a user-friendly manner, StoriesIG is an excellent Dumpor alternative to consider in 2023.


Another well-known Dumpor alternative in our list is FastSave. It is for those users who are looking for a comprehensive solution about Instagram content downloading on both iOS and Android platforms.

FastSave is an app that offers more than just saving Instagram stories. It allows users to download posts, videos, and other content as well. With FastSave, you can easily store a wide range of Instagram media directly to your device.

However, it’s important to note that FastSave is designed to work with public Instagram profiles only. If you target a private profile, you may face problems in accessing and saving content. Nevertheless, FastSave remains a multi-featured alternative for those who are interested to save and download various types of Instagram content.


Ingramer is a Dumpor alternative that has gained popularity and established a strong presence in the industry within no time. With their vast experience, Ingramer offers a range of popular features and downloading tools on which users trust over a long time.

Many of the tools are accessible for free directly from their website. This allows users to take advantage of features such as the hashtag tool and Instagram video downloader without any cost. However, for those who are looking for additional functions, Ingramer also offers premium features that can be accessed by upgrading the account.

Whether you opt for the free tools or choose the premium features, Ingramer provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your Instagram experience. If you’re looking for a secure Dumpor alternative that offers a range of powerful features and tools, Ingramer is an excellent choice.


If you’re looking for a Dumpor alternative that closely resembles to it, Instasaved is an excellent option for getting almost similar features for Instagram. Instasaved offers a wide range of media downloading options, other than the downloading of Instagram stories.

With this tool, you can easily download videos, posts, reels, and much more from Instagram profiles. The downloading process is very simple. Just visit the main website page of Instasaved, search the Instagram profile of the desired user, and you’ll be able to download the content directly from there.

Instasaved allows you to repost popular content on Instagram by providing an absolute and efficient experience for media downloading. Whether you’re looking to save videos, posts, or reels, Instasaved serves as a reliable Dumpor alternative that enables you to complete your goals effectively.


Iconosquare is not just a social media analytics app, but it also provides comprehensive social media management tools. While its primary focus is on social media analytics, it offers a range of features that allow you to manage your social media profiles effectively.

Iconosquare offers free tools specifically for Instagram. Some of the remarkable features include analytics for multiple platforms such as Instagram (including stories), Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It also allows you to publish, schedule and manage your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

In addition to analytics and publishing tools, Iconosquare provides downloading features for social media posts and content. This enables you to download trending and hot content and repost it with a single click across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Iconosquare supports multiple profiles management at single time. It is suitable for individuals who have to manage multiple social media accounts of a business. It also offers collaboration tools which helps teams to work together efficiently.

Other notable features include the ability to download posts, videos, description, competitor’s data, hashtags, profile picture and past activity from different social media sites at the same time. You can also track the performance of specific content in the analytics. This helps you in finding the content that your audience likes a lot.

With its multiple features, Iconosquare proves to be a valuable Dumpor alternative for social media management, analytics tracking and bulk downloading. These are all comprehensive tools which can help you to optimize your social media profiles.


What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a valuable tool designed for downloading Instagram stories, as well as browsing other Instagram profiles. It provides users with the tools to access and save various types of Instagram media.

How Does Dumpor Work?

Dumpor operates by utilizing its platform to fetch and retrieve Instagram content requested by users. By inputting the desired Instagram username or URL, Dumpor extracts the relevant content, such as stories and profile pictures, and allows users to download them directly to their devices.

Does Anonymous Instagram Viewer Work?

Yes, anonymous Instagram viewers can be effective tools for viewing Instagram content without revealing your identity. They allow you to browse and access Instagram profiles, stories, and other content without any indication of your visit.

How Can I See Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

To view Instagram stories without the account owner knowing, you can utilize certain tools or apps that allow anonymous viewing. These tools typically enable you to browse and watch stories without sending any notifications or indications to the account owner.

Is it Safe To Use a Private Instagram Viewer?

Using a private Instagram viewer carries some risks. While some viewers want anonymous and safe browsing, so it’s important to ensure the tool you use is reputable. Unauthorized access to private profiles violates Instagram’s terms of service and can potentially lead to account suspension or legal consequences. It’s always advisable to respect privacy settings and look forward to legal alternatives for accessing Instagram content


In today’s digital world, it is not uncommon to find tools like Dumpor that allow the download and access of Instagram content.

Whether you’re searching for a free or affordable Dumpor alternative, the list of alternatives mentioned above provides a range of options to find best for you. By trying out these alternatives and doing your own research, you can find the one that is best to fulfil your requirements.

Having a Dumpor alternative offers you multiple features and ensures that you’re not dependent on a single tool.

It’s always beneficial to have backup options in case of any unforeseen circumstances. The Dumpor alternatives discussed in this article, including InstaDP, Story Saver, InstaStories, Insta Stalker, SnapInsta, StoriesIG, FastSave, Ingramer, Instasaved, and Iconosquare, provide diverse features and functionalities to enhance your Instagram experience.

Remember to be careful while using any tool that makes you anonymous viewer and respect Instagram’s terms of service and privacy settings. Give priority to the safety and privacy of yourself and others while enjoying the benefits of these alternatives.

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