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Have you ever faced an insufficient storage problem on your computer? Do you want to increase the hard disk space by merging the other disk? If your answer is yes, you must give it a try to EaseUS partition master 12.9 free download.

It is not an easy task to do this manually because your device may not assist you in this regard. There are multiple computer users who have reported that they are unable to extend the space of the hard disk. They had to change the disk or add an extra one to do this simple task.

In this blog, we are going to show you how you can extend the hard disk space by merging any other disk installed on your computer. It means that you must have a hard disk with vacant space to let this disk extend its space. Let’s get a look at the process through which you can do this task.

What is The EaseUS Partition Master?

EaseUS partition master 12.9 is professional software that is used to extend the hard disk space in a few minutes. It is a complete program having various management tools to get your task done. By using this program, you won’t need to worry about the storage of a specific hard disk if you have any other disk with some spare space.

You can easily use both of those disks to make a single one with heavy storage capacity. It means that you will be able to get this task done without investing a lot of money in purchasing a new hard disk.

Why Do We Need To Use This Software?

The question that comes to mind is why we need EaseUS partition master 12.9 with a serial key just to increase the space of a hard disk even when it is installed in the device. There are some prominent reasons behind the usage of this specific program.

First of all, you will not find any option to extend your hard disk space without installing a new one in Windows operating system. You may have seen some YouTube videos where you are instructed to do this in a step-by-step manner.

But most of the processes will not work for you as they have been done through some hidden techniques. Also, you may not be able to do this when you have some old-fashioned device or outdated operating system.

In reality, there is no such feature available for Windows users to extend the hard disk space. The only thing you can do in this regard is to reinstallation the window and set the hard disk space as per your choice. But the problem is you have to invest a lot of time in this process.

Along with this, you will not be able to get the guarantee that your data will be saved there. In simple words, you may lose the data or change the location which may be harmful to you if you are a working bee. Due to these conditions, the EaseUS partition master has become a magical tool for you. Also, you can use Easeus data recovery software if you have lost the data accidentally.

By using this hard disk management tool, you will be able to get your task done within a few minutes. It will not take more time as well as does not demand to have technical knowledge. You can use this program easily due to its user-friendly interface.

In the following section, we are also going to enlist some of the best features of the EaseUS partition master 12.9. You will come to know about this program deeply after reading those features.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master 12.9

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced features
  • The hard disk optimization function
  • Create multiple disk partitions
  • Adjust the size as per your requirements
  • Keep your data safe during conversion
  • Fast processing
  • Can convert multiple disk formats into each other
  • Helpful in recovering data infected by virus
  • Remove junk files automatically
  • Available to use in more than 20 languages
  • Lightweight program
  • Easy to install
  • Full customization feature over the hard disk

How To Download And Install The EaseUS Partition Master?

After reading multiple features of EaseUS partition master 12.9 free download, you must be looking to download and install it. As we have mentioned that it will not take multiple steps and time to get this program installed. But you have to check some other factors for the proper installation of this program.

First of all, you should check your system properties and compare them with the following requirements. You can only install this program when your device meets all the requirements.

System Requirements To Install EaseUS Partition Master 12.9

  • 500 MHz processor
  • 200-250 MB free space
  • 1 GB RAM minimum
  • Activated Windows copy (Any Windows version)

If you have checked the above requirements and found your device compatible with this program, you should click on the following download button. It will take a while to get this program downloaded on your device.

When you have got the file, you should use an extractor or any decompressing program to unlock the files. It will let the inner folders and files be opened by the system viewer. After extraction, follow these steps to get this task done.

  • Open the installation menu by clicking on the setup file
  • Accept the terms and click on the Next button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Insert the activation key or license code when asked
  • Hit the Finish button
  • Wait for a while and open the program to use it for your task

EaseUS partition master 12.9 is a paid tool that you need to purchase for accessing the activation key. For your ease, we have enlisted some license keys that will activate this program with 100% guaranteed outcomes. You can copy any of these keys and insert them when asked by the system to activate the package.

Final Wrapping

With the above guide, you must have learned how to install EaseUS partition master 12.9 in a step-by-step manner. It will not take much time for you to extend the storage of a single hard drive. You can easily make multiple small hard disks or merge all of them into a single disk with a large storage capacity.

Download EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master 12.9 

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