How To Hide Apps In MI/XIAOMI Smartphones? Best Guide 2022

MI is one of the most used brands in the world due to its quality manufacturing. In recent times, it has launched a lot of smartphones with the latest features. But the most asked question is how to hide apps in MI? The reason is some difficult steps that a user has to follow for this task.

Do you want to know about the actual method to hide or lock applications? You are at the right place to read a comprehensive guide about MI or XIAOMI. We have wrapped this guide with an overview of this company, its mobile features, and the solution of how to hide apps in MI.

Let’s get started without wasting any time.

XIAOMI overview

It is a Chinese company that manufactures different internet-related products. This company was founded in 2010. At that time, it was only manufacturing hardware for internet connections and other products related to this field.

With time, it made its roots stronger in the field and started manufacturing smartphones. It became the fastest-growing mobile manufacturing company in the history of China. According to research, the annual revenue of XIAOMI has increased to 110% in 2018 as compared to 2015.

XIAOMI overview

There are multiple reasons behind this huge achievement by this company. It covers 13% shares of the China Share market. The question comes why do people prefer this company over the other well-known companies.

Why XIAOMI Mobiles Are Getting Popular?

According to the founder of this company, they faced a lot of problems while entering the market. They struggled hard to achieve even their expected revenue in the first few years. The main reason is that the company was manufacturing only standard products that are useful for that time only.

Now, it has become a mobile manufacturing hub of China that is serving with its services the entire world. You will find a lot of people around you that will love to buy and use its mobiles for different tasks. It is because of a prominent change in the technology and quality of its products.

The products this company is manufacturing for its customers have innovative and superior quality hardware. The designers have worked a lot in this section to make all of its components compatible with present and upcoming technology.

Also, the smartphones are made stylish and well-designed to be liked by every single user. It means that you will get long-lasting, beautiful, and quality at the same time. All of its devices are made by focusing on the user nature instead of company requirements.

In addition to this, the XIAOMI smartphones are made capable of workable at higher internet speed. The processor of its mobiles will never heat up like the others. So, you can use its mobiles easily for a whole day without facing any issue.

In the last, it is offering its gadgets at very affordable prices that make them accessible for everyone. You can get MI mobiles easily even if you have a low budget. At such prices, you will get a quality camera, processor, screen material, and all other products.

Now, we are moving towards the method with which you can learn how to hide apps in MI.

How To Hide Apps In MI Mobiles?

XIAOMI is only offering hide apps options in its mobiles with MIUI operating system. If you have a smartphone working on this system, you can easily complete this task. It will take a maximum of five minutes to hide your desired applications when you will follow the upcoming steps.

  • First of all, browse the settings of your smartphone
  • Look for the App manager and open all applications
  • Go to App settings and check for the App lock feature
  • If you are hiding apps the first time, you need to set a passcode to unlock this service
  • When you have done this, you will get options named App lock and Hidden Apps
  • Just open any of them according to your desires
  • By clicking on the hidden button, you will get a list of all the applications
  • Look for the application that you want to hide
  • Toggle on the button that you will see in front of its name

With these simple steps, you can easily hide applications from your phone. It will take few minutes to hide all your personal vaults to keep your data safe.

Hide Apps In MI Mobiles Without MIUI

If you have an older version of your mobile in which the MIUI operating system is unavailable, then you have to get a third-party application. It is a better way to learn how to hide apps in MI without having a built-in feature.

First of all, you have to open Google Play to search for an “APP locker”. Get a reliable application and install it on your device. Once you have done this, you need to open it. Sometimes, it will ask you to open it for the first time using your email.

You should log in with your email because it will help you to back up your account and data if you have forgotten the passcode. After you have set up your password or pattern, you need to open the account and select the application that you want to hide.

It will hide that particular application from the home screen of your phone. Every time, you need to access that website, you need to open the application for this task. No doubt, it is a lengthy task but you need to follow this if your MI smartphone is not workable on MIUI operating system.

Wrapping Up

By following the above procedure, you can easily learn how to hide apps in MI with or without MIUI operating system. You only have to stick with the process to get desirable outcomes without facing any hurdle. With this, you will be able to keep your personal data away from any unauthorized access.

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