How To Hide Apps in Vivo Y20?

Vivo is one of the fastest-growing mobile manufacturing companies around the globe. The reason behind its success with such a rapid technology change is affordable price products with advanced features. In this blog, we will tell you how to hide apps in Vivo Y20 or any other mobile.

Actually, Vivo is not offering apps hiding functions in all of its mobile models. That is why this is one of the most asked questions by the users of this mobile to make sure either their mobile support this function or not.

From this blog, you will be able to know how you can check for this feature. Also, we will give you an alternative if your Vivo mobile does not support the hide apps feature.

How To Check if My Vivo Mobile Has An App Hiding Feature?

Many Vivo mobiles including Vivo Y15 pro do not have apps hiding features like a built-in function. That is why several users ask how to check if their mobile model supports this feature or not. You won’t have to do hard work for this task but you only need to pay a little attention.

The only thing you have to do in this regard is to analyze your device’s properties or specifications. Vivo mobiles having operating system Funtouch 9.0 or any higher version will enable you to hide apps in a safe. In all models of Vivo with any of these operating systems, you will find this feature just by doing some research in the settings of your mobile.

Similarly, if your phone is operating on Funtouch 3.1, 3.2, 4, and 4.5, it will not let you do this simple task. But you can only lock any application using your fingerprint or a specific pin code. In addition, you can also use a third-party application for all such phones and keep your private applications hidden in a private safe.

How To Hide Apps in Vivo Y20?

Fortunately, Vivo Y20 is working on an operating system of Funtouch 10.5 that is available in the list of mobiles with a hide app feature. In simple words, you can hide any of your applications in a built-in safe of this mobile. Here is what you have to learn how to hide apps in Vivo Y20.

  • Just go to settings and scroll down your screen
  • Search for fingerprint and password option
  • Open that section and look for app encryption
  • Now, check for the hide apps button by opening that section
  • Choose an application from the list of installed apps
  • Turn on the button available in front of all apps names

With this simple step, you can easily hide any application in Vivo Y20. If you want to unhide that application, you only have to follow the same process and turn off that button. In addition, you can also use specified keys to access that hide apps button directly without browsing settings.

Lock Your Apps in Any Vivo Mobile

If your phone does not support the hide apps function, you can also lock any of your applications. This feature is almost available in every Vivo mobile whether it is the latest one or not. You only have to open the settings and go to the privacy section just by scrolling the screen or searching for it.

In that section, you will find an option to lock your applications with a pin code or passcode. If your mobile supports fingerprint, you can also set it to unlock that application.

Final Verdict

With the above guide, we are sure that you have learned how to hide apps in vivo Y20. The only thing you have to do is to check the operating system of your mobile before you decide whether you have to lock the apps or hide them. After this, you can follow the above process to accomplish any of these tasks.

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