How To Uninstall Anvi Folder Lock Without A Master Password

Many people look for the answer to the question of how to uninstall Anvi folder lock without a master password? This is one of the most asked questions who have installed this program on their device. So, we have decided to clear all the confusion about this task and provide enough information.

First, we will check what this program is about, and then we will move towards the effective process with which you can uninstall it.

What Is Anvi Folder Locker?

Anvi Folder locker is a private safe that allows users to keep their data in a separate portion. It helps people to keep their data secured to enable others to access it. You can install this program and protect your files or folders with an encryption password.

This tool will allow you to get maximum security precautions to restrict access to any unauthorized person. Overall, it is a reliable locker or safe for keeping your data secured.

But the problem comes when you have to uninstall this program. Let’s get a look at the efficient process with which you can uninstall or remove this locker.

How To Uninstall The Anvi Folder Locker?

The process to uninstall this locker is pretty simple as it does not require any complex steps. You only have to open the file and uninstall it using the built-in button given in that folder. It is only possible to use this method when you have a master password for this program.

Sometimes, you forget the master key and unable to either access the data or uninstall the program. The reason is that whenever you try to erase the program, it will ask for a master password or encryption password.

You can use the following process to get the answer of how to uninstall Anvi folder lock without a master password? There are two basic methods with which you can do this task.

Method 1:

First of all, you should try to uninstall this program by using the control panel of your Windows. You should go to settings and search for installed programs. By dropdown, you will get a list of all the installed programs on that particular device.

You should look for the Anvi Folder locker and right-click on it. You will get an option of uninstalling that you can hit to start the process. In addition, you can also do a simple search using the Windows search option. Search for anvi folder locker, you will get this tool image in the right section of the sidebar.

Just hit the uninstall button to start the process and remove this program from your device.

When you uninstall the Anvi folder, it will erase all the data from your device too. If you want to get those files, you should reboot your device under safe mode. Using this process, you can copy the data available in the safe because the Anvi folder does not work in safe mode.

Method 2:

It has been seen that the user is unable to uninstall the application many times. The reason is that when they adopt the above process, the system asks them to enter the master password. If you don’t know that key, you will never be able to erase the program using the above method.

For this task, you have to get a third-party uninstaller application from Google. It will remove all such restrictions and enable you to enter inside the safe to get your data back.

You can pick any uninstaller available on the internet as all of them have perfect working outcomes mostly.

By using the above methods, you can easily remove the limitations of the master key while uninstalling the Anvi folder lock from your device.

Final Conclusion

With the above methods, you must have got an idea about How To Uninstall Anvi Folder Lock Without A Master Password? You only have to be careful while following the methods because a minor mistake can lead you to permanent data loss. But if you have lost your data, you can download and use Easeus data recovery software from our platform.

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