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Sometimes, you may need to check out specific windows again and again. The reason maybe you want to examine what is going on there. For instance, if you want to be updated with the player’s scorecard, you need to check it often.

It is a tiring process when you have to extract the window and check it manually. There is a specific option for some Windows where you can choose the position of the Tab. With this, you can keep your specific tabs on the top of the screen and look at them quickly.


This feature is not available in all versions of Windows. That is why many people look for some tools to complete this task. Several tools are available in the market, but many of those are paid and sometimes useless too.

What Is OnTopReplica?

This program is the solution to all such problems. It will allow you to complete this task within seconds due to its comfortable interface. Many people look for the OnTopReplica alternatives, but there is no program with the same specification.

It is a lightweight program that you can download on your device. You can control it in easy steps and make the process effective. The best feature of the program is that you do not face any promotional videos in it.

Therefore, the working manual will be comfortable, reliable, and quick. If you are looking for the method of OnTopReplica download, then keep reading. In this article, we will guide you in a step-by-step manner. It is because we want you to learn the process and program’s features efficiently.

Features of OnTopReplica

First of all, the program’s weight is very light compared to other tools of the same type. The user will not have to get GBs free space on his computer. But, you can easily download it over the internet and start running without wasting any time.

Features of OnTopReplica

Secondly, you will find its interface simple and user-friendly. A user who would not know about keeping the tabs on top can also use it. So, there would be no restrictions regarding the experience and knowledge of the user.

Thirdly, you will find multiple features in this program. It has become the need of every person because of its versatility. Due to all such qualities, this program is becoming popular day by day among the planet’s community.

How To Install OnTopReplica In Windows?

This software is available for almost every version of Windows. So, you do not have to worry about which version you are using on the device. Just keep it in mind because you may have to download the program after checking your device’s Operating system.

When you have checked it, type OnTopReplica in the browser’s search bar. It does not become important which browser you are going to use. You will get multiple places from where you can download it. But you have to browse any of the first pages.

The reason is that you will find the best and most reliable results while searching like that. Once you have selected the website, open it. You will find the OnTopReplica download option. Just click on it, and your downloading process will start shortly.

In some cases, you may find different options regarding the operating system of your device. You should select the program just according to your laptop or computer. The upcoming steps will be the same, and you will get the program on your device.

After completion of the downloading process, double-click on the program file. It will open a dialogue box in the center of the Window screen. Just accept it and install the program. It may take a while to complete the process. So, you do not have to worry about this.

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Working Method of OnTopReplica

When you have installed the program, you should run it. For selecting any tab on the top, just right-click on the windows of the program. It will open a dialogue box with multiple options from which you can choose anyone.

You can create a new snippet of any window or Tab you want to look at on the top. The window will remain on the desktop of the device. Therefore, you would be comfortable while looking at your desired factors.

In this way, your work will be quick, and you can complete it shortly. If you want to remove all windows, simply tick the none option. There would be no windows on the top of the screen. In this way, a user can quickly get an update from his desired section.

There is only one drawback to the program. Your windows will not remain on top even if you have mistakenly got back from that particular Tab. You would have to do the complete process for getting your Tab back on the top of the windows.

You will find a short tab on the screen. How to get OnTopReplica to show in full screen? You do not have to worry about this. The only thing you have to do is click on the tab twice or click on the maximize button. You will get a larger view of the tab and look at every section properly.

The process of its control is simple when you follow the above instructions. It will help you solve this huge problem that you might face while using the computer.

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