Someone Blocked Me On Facebook How Can I See Their Profile

Social networking websites and platforms have become popular in this modern era of technology. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms all over the globe. According to some estimation, it has more than 2 billion active users.

If you want to enjoy your leisure time by talking with people, watching different funny videos, and reading inspirational posts, you must join this platform. To keep your privacy on the top, it has some features like blocking any contact or person from your account.

Sometimes, your favorite person or page will block you on Facebook and you desperately looking to check their profile. In this blog, we will tell you the answer of someone blocked me on Facebook how can I see their profile. You must stick with us till the end and we will clear maximum doubts of yours.

What Happens While I Block Someone On Facebook?

When you block someone over Facebook, all of your posts either in the group or your timeline will be removed from that person’s account. His account will be restricted to access your account to check what you have shared with people.

Some users think that only the upcoming or future activity of a person will be hidden if he has blocked them. It is not the way because everything whether he has shared in the past or will share in the future will be hidden from a victim. So, you must keep it in mind while blocking someone on Facebook.

It is common to get a question in the mind about how to block someone from Facebook. Here is the best way to block any unknown or inappropriate person from this platform to reliably browse this social networking site.

Block Someone On Facebook

Sometimes, you might be exploring the list of friends you have made on Facebook and found that some inappropriate persons are also there. In such a case, you only need to open their profile by clicking on their names. With this, you will be into their profile or timeline and will be able to see what he has shared with people.

In the right section, you will get a three dots option. You only have to click on that to open a dropdown menu with various sections. Here you will find the block option with which you can complete this task. Due to the recently updated version of Facebook, it might be possible you will not get this option in this section.

You only need to check the about or more section of his profile to find the block option. In this way, you can remove any person from your friend list on Facebook.

How To Check The Profile of A Person if He Has Blocked Me?

“When someone blocked me on Facebook how can I see their profile?” It is the main question that you might get from many people. There are multiple ways to spy on other profiles if they have blocked you from Facebook. Let’s have a look at them to find the best way for keeping an eye on the people even if they have blocked you.

Check Profile Using Profile URL

When someone has blocked you on Facebook, you will only get a black page whenever you click on their name if it is available in the messenger or message section. But how can you change that white page into a live profile even if you are blocked? Here is what you need to do if you have a profile URL link.

It is impossible to get a link to someone’s profile if he has blocked you. Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to get a link to that person’s profile from some friend’s ID or any other means. If you have got that link, just log out from your account.

If you have saved your password, then you must remove that before starting this process. Now, you only have to paste the link in the search bar of the browser and hit the “Enter” button. With this, the search engine will take you to the exact profile that you can spy on without signing in to your account.

The URL will look like “” where the username will be of that person whom you are spying on Facebook. Many people try to write the original name of the person’s ID to get a link. Keep in mind that it is common to have a different username and profile name for the same person.

View Blocked Profile Without URL

This might be time taking process because you have no URL of the person or ID. In such a case, you only need to open a browser after logging out of your account. Here you need to type the name of the person in the search bar and write “Facebook” after that.

By hitting the enter button, it will open all those profiles having the same name for whom you are searching. If the person has some unique name with a special character, you will get access to the exact person within seconds. But if he has changed the name or has ordinary alphabets, you must have to invest time to access that profile.

Final Verdict

The process to check your profile might be tricky for you if you have no profile link. But we are pretty sure that you have got an answer of when someone blocked me on Facebook how can I see their profile. No doubt, you can use multiple Facebook profile checker tools available over the internet. But you must have a Profile URL to complete this task and access the profile directly.

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