What is iTools Used For? Benefits of iTools

Managing your device, especially IOS, is a difficult task. You may lose data if your device has been affected by malware or something like that. To keep the users safe, Apple Corporation has launched iTools with some additional features.

If you don’t know about this and looking to learn what is iTools used for, you have landed on the right page. In this guide, we will share a quick overview of iTools and explain its benefits too. Let’s have a look at the following sections.

What is iTools Used For?

To learn what is iTools used for, you must clarify your ideas of what iTools actually is. Once you have a clear idea about it, you can understand its usage easily. The main purpose of this program offered by Apple is to manage IOS devices.

In simple words, it is a complete toolkit using which you can manage the entire performance of your Apple devices. You can boost your performance, and health, and perform other related tasks using it. The only thing you have to do is download the compatible version of iTools from the official website and install it on your device.

For your assistance, we have enlisted a few benefits of using iTools in the following sections. You can understand the basic workings of this package too by reading this section.

Benefits of Using iTools

As many IOS users are still unaware of the benefits of iTools, we have decided to enlist some important points here. Before using this tools package, you should keep these points in your mind.

· Quick Backup

There is no denying that data backup is the most important task when you are using a computer device. It becomes compulsory when you are working as a professional. The reason is you will face a lot of problems in your business if you have lost something important like a file.

At the same time, it is hard for a user to back up their data regularly. That’s why, iTools was launched by the authority of this system to enable their users to be at ease while doing so. You can easily back up data daily without involving yourself in some tricky processes.

Quick Backup

Undoubtedly, you can use software like EaseUS to perform this task. But it won’t be an easy task for you to do so using your iPhone as it is designed for Mac laptops. So, iTools will be the best choice for you when you are looking to back up data regularly without making a mistake.

· Instant Data Transfer

Another benefit of using iTools is data transfer from one IOS device to another. Using this toolkit, you won’t need to wait for hours to transfer your data. It will take a few minutes to save your data to another device of your choice.

Instant Data Transfer

As we have mentioned earlier, you can backup data using this toolkit. iTools will only restore that data from cloud storage to your new device when you link your account with it. Isn’t it a good approach to transfer data instead of trying USB transfer or something like that?

· Higher Compatibility

In addition to data management, another benefit of using iTools is higher compatibility. You won’t need to worry if your devices don’t operate the same version of Mac. Even if your devices are not from the same OS, you can also transfer your data.

Higher Compatibility

Simply, we can say that if one of your devices is operating Windows 10 while the other one is using Mac, you can still perform all basic tasks. The only thing you should do is install iTools on both devices according to operating system requirements.

Is iTools Better than iTunes?

Till now, you must have the answer to “What is iTools used for”. But still might be looking for additional reviews like a comparison of iTools with iTunes. So, we have got your back and performed this analysis.

As per our analysis, we have found that iTools is far better than iTunes. This is because iTunes is only for music management. You can manage your music files like audio, video, and other related files. It won’t enable you to manage the complete data of your device.

On the other side, iTools is used for the complete management of data. Using this toolkit, you can easily perform different tasks on the complete data of your device. It is right to say that it allows you to replicate your device to cloud storage and then restore it anywhere when you provide the necessary information.

Due to this reason, we label iTools as better data management software than iTunes. You should install iTools instead of the other one to have full control over your device.

What is the Latest Version of iTools?

The latest version of iTools is iTools 2023. It was launched recently by Apple Corporation by removing the bugs and improving the interface. It has been also launched by adding a few additional features that are not available in the previous versions.

Along with this, iTools have been made suitable for downloading on Windows in addition to Mac. It means you can now use it on IOS as well as other operating systems. This is done to allow users of all devices to backup data and keep themselves secure in all situations.

Final Verdict

By reading the above comprehensive guide, you must have got an idea of what is iTools used for. We have discussed the major benefits of using this data management software. It is recommended to use this toolkit on your device to avoid data loss or any unexpected experience while managing your data.

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